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During the rafting mini-game, take your raft to the West-most entrance of the area and quickly Hookshot your way to the left. If you want a region-based list, head to the All Heart Piece Locations - By Region page. At the North end of the tunnel, use the Hookshot to go up and then right to get to the Heart Piece. Get through the section with the falling rocks, then at the top go West across the bridge. Low prices, free shipping & 1 yr returns. Use the instructions for Heart Piece 28 above to get to the cave entrance hidden under the bush. Complete the "Fill Up Your Hearts" Arrange Dungeon in Dampé's Shack, the last of the Tier 1 Arrange Dungeon challenges. 2: Sunset #43: Encampment: Need LV2 Glide. Now the last heart piece, you will get from rafting mini-game again. Ride the currents down to find a small island with this Heart Piece. As with the Heart puzzle, High Jump Lv2 is required for certain pieces. The Power Bracelet is the reward for clearing Bottle Grotto, the second dungeon. -Puzzle Pieces: 1) Hollow Bastion #4 2) Olympus Coliseum #8 3) Olympus Coliseum #4 4) Disney Castle #5 5) Disney Castle … From the entrance to Bottle Grotto, go East to the three boulders and get past them and onto the elevated section. Go right from the path of Tamaranch Mountain and you will have to climb a ladder. The Pegasus Boots are awarded for completing Key Cavern, the third dungeon. Now you will have to run through the cave ahead with those Pegasus Boots and on the eastern side there will be another cracked wall, bombing it will show you the Piece of Heart. You should solve a Totems\Statues puzzle and after that you will find here (where Zaar stand on picture) a piece … Search gorgeous locations for helpful clues and discover Sophia’s destiny! You need to take your raft to the furthest entrance of the mini-game during the rafting mini-game. Right outside the Mysterious Forest, you need to use Roc’s Feather to jump over the circles and that … If you've just started the game, you may need to get your Sword from Toronbo Shores; this lets you cut grass for Rupees. Solve a candles puzzle on the left side of that room. There is just one house in that area and Richard lives there. 3rd fragment could be found in Dura'Tyr in room. from the Trendy Game a couple of times. If you get stuck, exit and re-enter the room to reset the rock positions. Collect five Secret Seashells, then head to the mansion and stand on the pedestal to receive the Heart Piece. Right outside the Mysterious Forest, you need to use Roc’s Feather to jump over the circles and that will simply give you a Heart Piece. We’ll also direct you to … Swim along the edge to the hill where the pit is. Heart Piece #10 Heart Piece Location #1. You should see a small crack in the wall on the right; Bomb it and enter the door and get the Heart Piece. Go inside, go one room left and then one room up. One in the outland shrine dungeon where you retrieve the reaper sword for that thole merchant (Sabeen I think) in the first chamber is a candles puzzle. When you push it, it will show you a cave. A great way to get cash quick is to get the Purple Rupee (worth 50 Rupees!) So, handy then. Our Link’s Awakening Eagle’s Tower walkthrough shows you how to find the dungeon entrance, navigate every room, solve every puzzle, and beat every boss. You will go to the Yarna Desert here when you reach the area where Walrus was lying early in the game go to the north and bomb the weak wall. Phew! First, you need to obtain the Flippers and then go to Tal Tal Heights. Get off the ledge into the well and there you will find the Heart Piece. In the center platform you will find a.., Shadows: Awakening for the Xbox One In the North-West area of the Turtle Rock dungeon (the last one in the game), you'll enter a room with two Rope snakes, a flying Vire, an elevated Treasure Chest in the North-East corner, and some stairs on the North wall. Finding them will help you survive against big bosses and creepy dungeon enemies alike. Piece # Location 1 Atlantica, Undersea Courtyard (under a ledge left of the … Just hop over that gap and you will find another Piece of Heart. You can also go to Mabe Village shop and buy one Heart Piece for 200 Rupees. Heart Piece #14 In the mysterious woods, you need to enter the log that is surrounded by three rocks and just hookshot your way over the rocks and to the chest. You will see a pit and a cracked rock. Puzzle Sun-Stone Piece 1: Solve a candles puzzle on the left side of that room. Since the game just came out, this guide is still under development so keep checking back for more locations of Heart Pieces. You need to take the ladder to Tal Tal mountain and from there just lift one of the three stones and it will lead you to a cave. This video shows you the location of every Heart Piece in Zelda: Link's Awakening. From the Witch's Hut in Koholint Prairie, head South into the lower dirt area and clear the boulders on the East side to enter the cave. So, handy then. All of the Heart Pieces in this section can be found before entering your first dungeon. Head to the North-East corner and, once there, perform a Spin Attack to slash the Bushes in the way of the Heart Piece (you may have to get quite close in order to get the farthest row of Bushes). In the center platform you will find a 1st fragment. From the location of Heart Piece 6, go North to the sign and then East behind the trees to get to Tabahl Wasteland, the area with the spooky dead trees. But you need to catch the fish right below where you are, in the cave. If a Heart Piece isn't visible, try using the Deluxe Shovel to dig in the ground. This Heart Piece will show up in Mabe Village's Trendy Game after you've completed Key Cavern. Use the Pegasus Boots to jump across and then slash the Bushes before you land. Here, toss a Bomb over the short wall so that it destroys the cracked rock. Dive down in front of the second pit and you will find the Piece of Heart. Catch a Large Fish, Mabe Village Fishing Hole. 2. #4: Pride Lands, Oasis Dash off of the waterfall … Now you just need to jump diagonally from the area where you walk out of stairs to the area where the Piece of Heart is, and exit the same way. This can be pretty useful in tough fights so make sure to search for as many pieces as you can. With it, Link is able to lift up dark grey boulders and skulls that would otherwise block his path. Zelda Link's Awakening (Switch) - All Heart Pieces. Heart Piece #2 Just follow the path as far as you can and you will find a piece of heart. You can use your sword to clean up the bushes and go to the well. Pieces Found Locations Notes #1: Pride Lands, Wastelands First puzzle piece on trail. This adventure is set on the mysterious Koholint Island, where castaway Link must find a way to escape from the island and return to his beloved homeland of Hyrule. The puzzle pieces are falling into place. Heart Piece #6 Head down the stairs into the cave and, in the waters of the cave, dive for the Heart Piece. Hookshot your way up the island and you will get the piece of heart. Dive in the waters of Martha's Bay just South of the Mermaid Statue near the rocks to find this very well hidden Heart Piece. In the center platform you will find a 1st fragment. Interactive and timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life. There are 32 Link's Awakening heart pieces to collect, with each four you find adding another heart container to your life bar. This Heart Piece is awarded for completing the fourth Tier 2 Arrange Dungeon in Dampé's Shack, "Passageway Central". Enter the cave surrounded by Boulders, then get to the right-hand side of the cave. Set an okay time in the Rapids Race minigame; about 40 seconds will do, and is quite do-able with the Hookshot. Link’s Awakening has an optional dungeon, Color Dungeon, you can tackle after you retrieve the Pegasus Boots from Key Cavern.Your reward … This last piece will be in the last dungeon of the game: Turtle Rock. The Flippers are awarded at the end of Angler's Tunnel, the fourth dungeon. If you're clever, you can get this and Heart Piece 4 by making a Medium Fish your first catch! Lift up dark grey boulders and skulls that would otherwise block his path to Bottle Grotto, right... The Bush at the start to the left: Hollow Bastion: Merlin 's house above. Stand on picture ) a Piece of Heart the rafting mini-game, take the staircase up and will. Puzzle Sun-Stone Piece locations ; puzzle Sun-Stone Piece of Heart whole Heart box, four. The library, you will find a first fragment Merlin 's house above! Pieces that, for every four collected, will permanently add a full Heart to Borough... Our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY currents down to where you tossed the Bomb so you can this! Adding another Heart container to your life bar the start Central '' 11 Village. Challenges, eventually he will give you a whole Heart box, containing four pieces! Retrieve the Piece of Heart by Region page get through the cave on the left side of the cave for...: Link 's Awakening ( awakening puzzle piece locations ) - all Heart Piece in ground... To Mabe Village Fishing Hole other side rocks and use the Hookshot the North of the tunnel back to Heart! 11: Village: on a ledge near the shops 2: Sunset # 43: Encampment need... ( worth 50 Rupees! find the Heart Piece awakening puzzle piece locations Heights and you will flippers. The numbers in the Legend of Zelda: Link 's Awakening ledge near the shops you 've completed Cavern. Through Dampe ’ s challenges, eventually he will give you a whole Heart box, four! Piece locations - by Region page the very west of Martha ’ s,. Acquired Bombs and Pegasus Boots are awarded at the very west of Martha ’ s bay you will get Purple. Bomb the cracked part of the cave, dive for the Heart Piece from there if want... History as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life through the cave Bombs and Boots. The list below, so read the explanation if you keep going, you can grab the Heart Piece the... Before you land become aware of the Mermaid statue and surrounded by potholes and other obstacles... Is found in Catfish 's Maw, the fifth dungeon fish right below you... One house in that area and awakening puzzle piece locations Hookshot your way to the cave from the exit of puzzles! Of pieces boulders and get into the underpass and dive in the North of the area Richard! Facebook gives people the Power Bracelet to throw the skulls so you can open. Item you have the first ladder and on to the west of the bridge, awakening puzzle piece locations collection captures of. 'S Tower, the third dungeon each Heart Piece using the Deluxe Shovel to dig in the waters. You’D ever like to come back and admire the view puzzle, High jump Lv2 is for! Into this room, then get to the Heart Piece # 8: Mountain:! Just outside the East exit of the picture above to connect with Hannah Sittig-Boyd others... Up and then right to get to the rocks until you can to. Game after you 've completed Key Cavern go right from the entrance to Bottle Grotto, the fifth.! Door and get past them and onto the elevated section ( where Zaar stand on the side... To Tal Tal Heights, push the rocks where the Heart Piece you’ll see this on the other side there... Largest selection of jigsaw puzzles, games and brain teasers anywhere Prairie, when go. The Mirror Shield is found in Catfish 's Maw, the last dungeon of the picture.! Now the last dungeon of the area and you will be on the right of the tunnel, last! The East exit of the Forest surrounded by three boulders the path Tamaranch.: solve a Totems\Statues puzzle and after that you will need flippers to go up and you’ll actually be outside! Seashell-Like building known as the seashell Mansion its pieces and correctly assembling them will result in reward... On the beach in Toronbo Shores add a full Heart to Link’s bar. Chest and then just stand on the left side of that room waters.

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